Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photostory: Playmates

Nanay and Matt are constant playmates. Matt wants Nanay to sit near or beside him whenever he is playing. Just like here.

But last Friday, when we arrived from work, Matt's Tita told us that Nanay is crying. She added it's because of Matt. And so I talked to Nanay who was still emotional that time. She said, Matt is constantly bumping her and that morning Matt threw a pillow on her. I was totally speechless.

I asked Matt to come over for a talk. I told him why he do that but he's just looking at his toes. I told him to look into my eyes but he refused. So I asked him why Nanay is crying and who made her cry, he said Matt. This is so serious and honestly I don't know what to do. I told Nanay if he will repeat it again then show him she's mad or spank him. But she refused, "kawawa naman." I agree =(

Last night also while massaging Nanay, I told Matt to say sorry. He said sorry and hug Nanay. I also told him not to hit, push or throw things to Nanay or else I will really get mad at him. He said , "opo." I asked him if he wants Nanay to leave him, he replied "ayaw po." 

Matt is lovable. But sometimes he can't control his emotions and his hands. He's maybe thinking they are just playing and such things are funny. We should teach him the boundaries and let him know that hurting is bad. We are constantly telling him that it's not right to hurt anybody and he will get it naman. But the thing is he will repeat it after some time. I really need more patient.

Mommies, I need help. Please give some ideas we can do or guide us to better understand Matt's behavior.
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