Friday, June 28, 2013

Photostory: Homeschool Boy

Thank God I survived this day or should I say I am about to survive this so tiring day. I have finished all the reports and hopefully no problems to follow. Weekend is here, yey! But oopss, I still need to report to work tomorrow (halfday pa e).

Anyway, being busy means being blessed so I should be grateful and thankful instead. I am and always. And before the work week is over, let me share cute photos of our dear Matthew Andrei.

Matt getting ready for the day.
He can unzip and zip his bag already. He can put out his books, crayons, pencils, etc. He can almost study on his own, if it's the coloring and tracing lessons. I have yet to show you what are the other fine motor skills activities we are doing. I will post about it soon.

I can't believe what I am seeing everyday. He's growing so fast promise. Look how cute his chubby cheeks here.

Our homeschool boy

And I can't get enough of all his funny lines and kwento. So let me share some.

One night, as he was coloring his book.

Matt: May boyfriend...
Mommy: Sino anak? (I was shocked a little, actually)
Matt: Si Eliana... (A Eliana again, I thought it's her Tita). Tapos nakita un ahas.
Mommy: Ahas?
Matt: Dito sa likod ni Eliana. 
Mommy: Aaah...

Eliana has a twin snake kasi. Here's another one.

Daddy went upstairs one night when Matt and I are studying.

Matt: Bakit andito?
Daddy: May kukunin lang ako.
Matt: Hinde. Baba ka na.
Daddy: Saglit lang.
Matt: Gagantsilyo ka pa. Tapusin mo pa un boots.

I told you Daddy you can't go upstairs without the finished boots. Haha... 

As much as possible, we want Matt to say "po" and "opo". At times, he can remember it but most of the times he forgot. We just remind him to use "po" and "opo" especially when he's talking to elders.

More of our cute conversations next time...

Happy payday Friday! Take care!

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