Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photostory: Daddy's Turn

Last Friday, Daddy got to taste of what's like being Matt's teacher.

Matt and Daddy coloring time

We were watching TV, while crocheting, and Matt was coloring. Since he was seating near to Daddy, Matt asked his help. Matt will pick up two crayons of almost same color, then he'll ask Daddy to color with him. I heard him teaching his Dad instead.

Matt: Ayan un color orange.
Daddy: Ano gagawin?
Matt: Co-color ng carrot.

Daddy did the coloring then Matt instructed him.

Matt: O, wag lalagpas un color orange ha?
Daddy: Me ganun pa???

Laughter filled the air. The world just turn upside down. Haha...

Enjoy your Sunday!

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