Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photostory: The Invitation

Our Matthew Andrei will turn three on the 16th. Here's his Pocoyo inspired invitation:

Pocoyo Invitation #happy3rdbirthday

We planned to make amigurumi for souvenir but since we don't have enough, the plan don't push through. Anyway, kids will be happier to receive a bag full of candies instead. 

I already ordered the Pocoyo cake and I am so excited to see it. I am so sure Matt will love his cake because he loves Pocoyo.

Thankfully, Matt is okay. Although he got cough and colds, thanks to his Daddy. Haha. Actually, almost all of us  at home caught the virus. I was not feeling okay since Monday but thanks to the holiday yesterday I have rest even just a little.

Daddy and I have been busy with our works, crocheting, packing and shipping of orders and Matt's birthday. I am no surprise our immune system is down at this moment. We don't need to be sick so we must strengthen our immune system by eating healthy foods, having enough sleep, taking in more vitamin C, and drinking more water.

I don't want to complain because God is keeping us busy with works, which means we are so blessed. I hope we all get much better the soonest because we will be partying on Sunday.

Hope to see you there =)

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