Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Weekend without House Help

I grew up without any house help at home. That's why I wonder how my mother managed to run our household of 3 children and a full time work out side home. She did all the house chores from cooking, washing dishes to laundry, cleaning the house. Galing di ba?

Moving to the present, we hired a house help/yaya at home since Daddy A and I are working full time. I think this is one of the disadvantages of living independently away from our home town. If only we live just few blocks away from my parent in law then this would never be a problem for us. Who doesn't love to stay in a place where you grew up, close to all your family and relatives. But this what life gave us so we need to embrace it and be happy with what our current situation is. Anyway, we are blessed so I need not to complain right?

Here's the real story. Since our house help needs a rest too, we allowed her to take the weekend off to go home. When we went home from work last Saturday, our home is a big mess. With no house help, what can I do but to do all the chores. Look who's enjoying the mess.

This is while I am I'm folding our clothes. Walang kupas ang kakulitan ng bulilit na yan. After that, sa kitchen naman sya nanggulo.

He kept on asking his Daddy.

Matt: Ano po yan ha Daddy?
Daddy: Sibuyas.
Matt: Ano english ng sibuyas?
Daddy: Onion...
Matt: Pag laki ko po ako na magluluto ha Daddy?
Daddy: Oo, sige...

Ay ang dami pa nyang tanong. Nakakapaos na sa pagsagot, hehe.

After eating our dinner, I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. We went upstairs to watch TV and crochet to finish another bath of MTO. Matt, however, kept on charming us.

So Daddy gave in...

The next day, still with no house help, I cooked our breakfast while Daddy washed his car. We planned to go to Church that morning but because the house chores seemed to never end, we resched it on the afternoon. I told Daddy, he must take Matt to the nearest barber shop for his long overdue haircut. So they went, while I do a lot of cleaning and rearranging at home. I wonder why it's always like that when our house help leaves, that's the only time I can think of general cleaning and rearranging. Maybe because I left with no choice, lol. Or maybe, only that time I can do the cleaning and rearranging the way I want it to be.

Anyways, my two boys came back so soon. Look who's back with a new haircut!

The kulit is back so expect that the house is again on the rock! I bathe him shortly after he came back. Then after that I rearrange our living room. Oh, how I wanted to buy a new sofa set but since our priority is to save first, I have to just be contented with our old sofa for now.

Aside from rearranging, I also washed our carpet that's full of dust already. I also sorted Matt's toys and to my surprise he got so many toys pala. I set aside those unused so I can give them to my pamangkins. Matt helped me to put back his mats after I swept the floor.

Wonder where's Daddy? He's outside cleaning his mini garden. 

Then, came lunch. Daddy told me to fry the fish for his Ginataang Tilapia.

Ginataang Tilapia
Hay, after eating there goes the dishes again. I finished everything at 2:30 PM. Imagine that! We planned to go to Church but Matt was already sleeping. So Daddy and I just go on with crocheting. I know, so sorry :(

Dinner time again and Daddy made another yummy dish.

The table is ready!

At talagang nanguna si bulilit. He loves fries e.

To end this post, here's Matt drinking his milk from a glass.

He never forget his glass of milk before he sleeps, kahit pa busog na busog sya.

Thank God we survived a weekend without house help. It was such a tiring day but all is worth it since I can see how clean our house is. Good luck na lang ulit when our house help comes back, hehe.

Happy Tuesday!
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