Friday, January 10, 2014

Matthew's McQueen Cars Outfit

This is a very late post already since Christmas was over. Anyway, it's better late than never. So here's Matthew's McQueen Cars OOTD last Christmas!

You've probably seen this set we bought from the Big Garment Sale.

McQueen Cars Shirt and Shorts set

We were lucky to find this last set on sale. Matthew found it from the stand.

As promise, we also buy him McQueen cars shoes to complete his outfit.

McQueen Cars shoes

I thought it will just be an easy search but I was wrong. We find it hard to look for the right size for Matt. He's foot length is somewhere in between toddlers and kids. Also, since we went there few days before Christmas, there were so many parents and kids buying shoes too. 

McQueen Cars shoes
McQueen Cars shoes

We initially want the slip on type but sad to say there's to size that fits Matt's. It's either too big or too short.

Finally, after almost an hour of choosing, Matt finally have a McQueen cars shoes!

McQueen Cars shoes

We were lucky that the sales person was so patient and he don't mind going back and forth to the stock room to look for the sizes.

Yey! His McQueen Cars outfit is complete!

Matthew's McQueen Cars Outfit + crochet McQueen hat

Also, we found this pair of McQueen Cars slipper that Matt doesn't want to leave so we have no choice but buy it too.
McQueen Cars slipper

The little boy cannot contained his happiness! Simple joy, our big happiness.

Have a great day everyone!
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