Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never Too Late to Learn Music

One of my childhood dream to learn how to play a piano. That's apart from my wish to have a golden voice, haha. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to learn how to play a piano since we don't have one at home that time. I envied my classmates who can afford to go to a piano class that time. My late father  promised me one but that just remained as promise. In short, I am a frustrated pianist. 

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That's why when I noticed that Matt have that interest with music, I never hesitate to buy him a keyboard that we can afford. I promise to myself that I will nourish Matt's interest with music. Hoping in that way, I can full fill my own childhood dream too.

But who say's I cannot full fill my childhood dream now? I can still learn to play piano while Matt is learning to play too right? I just need to set aside time for that to sit it while Matt is having his lesson. Or maybe I'll learn through the internet? Anyhow, if there's a will, there's a way.

By the way, I have another story to tell. I just learned that one of Daddy's childhood dream is to play a guitar. So if I am the frustrated pianist, he's the frustrated guitarist. Oh, we are really meant to be, haha.

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That's the reason why when we were buying the keyboard, he's also asking the sales person if there's a free guitar too. Unluckily, there's no promo that time. But, it's never too late for him to have one. Since his birthday is coming, a guitar will be a great gift right? Sssshhhh, please let this be a secret, okay? I just wish he'll never read this post, ahaha... 

So I need to start browsing the net now to find a guitar he will surely love. Oh I can already imagine our home one of these days. It will be filled with great music, and I hope voice too. Really never too late to learn music. I'll update you in the coming days =)

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