Friday, January 24, 2014

Thankful Friday + A Week's Little Update

Hello, I'm back after being missing in action for what, 2 days? I tried to write a post several times but after clicking the "New Post" button something always pop up, lol. Just like now, I'm typing writing this post but there are things I need to attend to that's why my mind is being interrupted, I can't think well. So please bear with me alrighty?

So how's your week? Mine is super busy but productive. That I wish I have extra hours each day just for rest, hehe. Yesterday was a holiday here in Bulacan. I thought I can take more sleep in the morning. But because I have received several inquiries at our page so I have to wake up and work on those orders, check payments, and prepare the items for shipping. We also have 3 schedule meet up/deliveries yesterday. That's why I don't get a rest even on holidays.

No, I'm not complaining. In fact I'm thankful that's why it's thankful Friday today. I just hope I can take a real rest without thinking too much. A day to relax and be just a couch potato. Nevertheless, the fact that I'm busy means I am blessed. So who am I to complain. Am I making sense? Haha...

I haven't talk about my goal this year. It's still the same, to be a work at home mom. Honestly, I don't plan a lot and I am not discipline enough to stick with my list of plans. That's why my motto is to go with the flow. I am so sure that as long as I put God first and follow all His wills, I will never be lost. I will get what my heart desires in the right time.

Oh, I almost forget to mention that I'm doing a gratitude project. Sis Kat inspires me to make one. I chose photo of the day. I am not so sure if I'm doing it right since I am always pre-occupied with so many things since the year started. One of these days, I'll show the photos to you. Maybe at the end of the month? We'll see.

Generally, there are so many things and people to be thankful for. Just learn to count your blessings and you will be surprise how blessed you are. As I always say, I'm thankful for this little boy who brings out the worst and best in me.

I know that look again, haha! He's not mad, it's just his favorite expression nowadays. His cuteness doesn't change a little and looking at him makes me feel so thankful. You will love and hate all at the same time, I told you. Let me share this funny conversation we have.

Matt: Mommy, tawagan mo ako mamaya ha (Mommy, please call me later).

He loves when I call him from work. So I call him at least two times a day to check what he's doing. One time while we are already on our way home, I called him up.

Matt: Asan po si Daddy? (Where's Daddy?)
Mommy: Andito sa car. (He's here inside the car)
Matt: Pakausap po si Daddy. (I want to talk to Daddy.)

That made me smile since he converse well already via phone. I wonder what they talked about. Haha. Having boys' secret already ha, lol. Anyway, whatever their secret is he will always go back to me to say our parting words.

Mommy: I love you!
Matt: I love yah!
Mommy: Mwaah, mwaah, mwaah...
Matt: Mwaah, mwaah, mwaah...
Mommy: Tsup, tsup, tsup...
Matt: Tsup, tsup, tsup...
Mommy: Shake, shake, shake... 
Matt: Shake, shake, shake... 

That's from Ryza Mae's look up, look up. I always see to it to tell him I love him so he will get used to saying I love you. 

That's all for now. It's time to go home... 

Happy Weekend everyone!
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