Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not so Well Saturday + Carrot Juice

Hello everyone. It's a still cold sunny Saturday morning. What a lovely day but I am not feeling well. 

Since yesterday, I am feeling bloated and feels like vomiting anytime. It looks like I am having indigestion. Worst is that Matt experienced the same sickness too. He kept on vomiting and anything solid he takes, he'll pour it out. Then he started to feel a little hot. Being the paranoid mom, I forgot what I feel and do my mommy duties.

That's always Matt's weakness. He's always a happy, hyperactive kid. He seldom gets sick but when hyperacidity attacks him, he's down. So what to do, he needs to eat so he can take medicine. He needs something to digest that he will not vomit. 

Then I remember what we did the last time he experienced this sickness. I asked Daddy to look for carrots inside the refrigerator. Unfortunately, he already cooked all our carrots and that we didn't go to the wet market just yet. Imagine my disappointment when I heard that. We badly need a piece of carrot so Daddy went out to buy carrots but the nearest stores, which are already closed by that time. He went back without any carrots and that Matt kept on vomiting. He's asking for water but he vomit that too. Poor little boy. Everyone of us at home are all worried. This makes me told him "Anak, mangulit ka na lang please. Wag na ganito. Sige na di na ako magagalit." The boy has no energy and just lay down on our bed, and it breaks my heart.

I cannot stand what I am seeing so I ask Daddy to search for carrots. I told him maybe the stores near the Church are still open. He agreed and immediately went out. After few minutes, he went home with carrots. Thank God. 

He immediately juice the carrots. At first Matt didn't like to take it but with all the pang-uuto he gave in. I scooped two teaspoons and let him swallow. After several minutes, I scooped two more teaspoons and then gave him Ibuprofen for his fever. After an hour, he started to sweat and I heard him burp two times. I whisper "Thank God." 

After seeing him feeling better, I started to feel my own sickness. I didn't eat anything that night because I feel full. I started to feel cold and I have to lay down and rest. I hardly sleep the whole night because I'm monitoring Matt's vomiting since he kept on asking water. He vomit once but this time, it doesn't smell sour that means the carrot juice is working. Oh before I forgot, carrot is good with balancing acid inside the stomach. Since Matt keeps on vomiting, there's no food inside his stomach and it keeps on producing acids. He's having acid reflux, that is, making him pour out all the food he takes in.

I take in carrot juice and started to burp after awhile. That's why I told Daddy if there's a vegetable we should never run out, that's carrots =) But wait, carrot is not just a natural antiacid because it has 10 more health benefits to our body.

10 Health Benefits of Carrots.
10 Health Benefits of Carrots
source: Eating Healthy and Living Fit

I just called up Matt and he said he's okay already. He's not vomiting anymore and he's eating well. I told him just rest, he said "opo." O sha, he can mess around as long as he will never get sick =)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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