Thursday, January 9, 2014

Home Improvement Plans for 2014

Last month, or should I say last year, we planned to buy a new sofa set and a new bed. We bought a new bed so that Matt can have his own space.

Over the last 3 years, we co-sleep. And since Matt grows so fast, our bed is not enough for the three of us. I bet you see how big we are, haha. Going back, Matt still sleeps in our bed room. We just attached a single bed we got from the other room, to our newly bought bed. The single bed will be Matt's bed from now on. We'll buy new beddings with McQueen cars design of course. With this, we, especially me, feel more comfortable now. I can sleep sound at night without the two boys sandwiching me (because I sleep in between them).

Unfortunately, we failed to buy a new sofa set. At first we planned to buy a sofa bed and a divan. But changed our mind the last minutes we are about to purchase the items. Daddy and I agreed to postponed that purchased and divert the funds to a little house improvement. We have our interior of our home sweet home re-painted and installed a hanging cabinet in our kitchen. Our side perimeter fence was also fixed so that when it rains, the water will not enter our balcony. Thank God my father in law was there so we saved a lot from labor fee. He did most of the repainting, the hanging cabinet and the fixing of the fence.

So for 2014, we still have plans for some home improvements like fixing our main gate. I want to change its lock and handle with the ones I found at the reid tool supply company. We also plan to have our house exterior be re-painted too. Aside from that, Daddy and I are talking about putting a small store at home. But that depends on our funds, hopefully it will push through this year.

Buying a new sofa set is still on the list. But I told Daddy, we must find the best we can afford that suits our home. We also want a new TV and stand set, and a carpet. Actually, I have so many plans in mind. But Daddy and I agreed to save first and do a money savings challenge for 12 months. I'll show them to you one of these days.

That's enough for now. I am so sure I will never stop planning for home improvements and once our plans push through I will happily share those to you. Do you also have home improvement plans for 2014? Please share, thanks!

Have a happy Thursday!

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