Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Ang bilis! Yun na yun? New Year na, 2014 na. Good bye 2013!

This is a late post na and I think I still have the vacation hang over. Since we didn't got the chance to take a real rest, Daddy and I were a bit sick.

The minor home improvement at home kept us so busy during the holidays. Nevertheless, we are happy with how things turn out. I asked Daddy to take photos of what kept us busy but he hadn't taken any photo yet e. I'll show them to you one of these days. Uy, please don't expect much because it's really a minor home improvement.

Let me just share what we did days before the year ends.

Eventhough we are busy, we always find time to bond with our little boy.

When I said we took a break from crocheting and crafts, I lied. Because I can't stop myself from crocheting and making cute clippies and headbands. I gave them to my nieces.

We went to Divisoria and the first thing we bought there is Matt's McQueen car pillow. He screamed "yuhoo!" upon seeing that pillow. So sulit na ang pagod na pagpunta sa Divisoria.

We also bought a new bed, that's why Matt has his own bed now. Para hindi mabigla, we attached it to our bed. He still wants me to sleep beside him though. I hope we can find McQueen cars cloth too so we can make pillow case and bedding.

We welcome the New Year with these bright fountains. We didn't bought fireworks, pailaw lang. Our neighbors have more than enough to share with us everyone, hehe. 

Matt enjoyed the sparkles.

Then photo opps without Daddy (photographer kasi).

Smile daw but their faces were covered naman. So take two!

And of course, we had our Media Noche. Ask why there's a Red Horse there? Sabi ni Daddy Allan, year of the Horse daw kasi. No, just kidding, that's my brother's. He just asked me to include in the photo.

That's what we did before the year ends. There were plans that don't push through but I think that's the way it should be. I am so thankful for 2013 because we are so blessed in many ways. Aside from the family reconciliations that happened, that most matters to me. I pray that 2014 is a kind year for everyone. Let's all leave the grudges, pain, disappointments and other negative feelings behind. Let's welcome 2014 with a positive vibes! 2014 is our year and let's all claim it!

Again, Happy New Year everyone. May God bless us all. Stay positive and be happy.
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