Monday, January 27, 2014

Monthsary Monday + Homeschooling Update

Hello monday! Would you believe that it's the 27th day of January already? Time is running so fast right? And today is our 126th monthsary, just 6 months away from our 11th year of love and 6th year of togetherness =)

It seems like only yesterday, Daddy and I were just friends walking around the campus. Doing research papers, working on problem sets and projects, and sharing our secrets, haha. But look us now, and many of the people who knew years back are surprised to know that we are what we are today. Maybe I need to change the title of this to "wayback Monday." Lol.

Seriously, even if many people believe that we have a perfect relationship, no we don't have. We don't always wake up in the morning with the same likes, interests and so on. We argue sometimes and most of the times I ended up so pissed off that he never got angry. Oh yeah, that makes me feel so mad, his silence. But no, before you judge me being a nagger, no I am not. I used to always manned him, maybe because I just want what is best for him. But when a storm hit us that almost ruined our relationship, I learned my lesson. I should trust him and let him do his works. There's no wrong in making mistakes anyway, and I know I need to let him be what he wants to be. I can't change him, that's it.

Oh, enough of the wayback Monday, alrighty? Going back to the present. I know that there will be more storms that will come. There will be more tests to pass. But one thing is for sure, that deep in our heart our love will never fail us. Cheesy??? Haha!

That's for our 126th monthsary. And here's a little update with our homeschooling. Since the TV set in our living room is not working, Matt is not watching cartoons anymore. So I told Daddy, let's just leave that that way for now. Also, I call him up at least twice a day to check on him. He will gladly tell me what he have done and he's doing. What I am just disappointed with is my failure to continue what I have started with homeschooling. I failed to continue our Reading Lesson. This is because of lack of time again, what a great excuse right?

But I know I shouldn't worry because Matt is just 3 and he'll learn everything in the right time. All I need to do is to encourage him to learn, to be patient and to not be a cry baby anymore. So every night before we sleep I let him talk and talk, while I listen. I also remind him that soon he'll be in school. He must learn how to deal with kids of his age. He needs to learn how to share since he didn't like sharing that much, hehe. I'm glad his listening and his attitude is improving.

I know that giving him enough attention can help a lot. For a working mom like me, I know time is always a problem but should never be an excuse. That's why I will give him my time at home. I will watch over him when he wants to write and draw, and I will teach him how to read again. This time I made my own tool based on the Reading Lesson.

I used this Mercury Suki Notebook that Daddy gave me last year.

Mercury Suki Notebook

That's what we will use tonight. It's a combination of Lesson One and Two. This will just serve as review since we are already on Lesson Five the last time we stop. I'll see if Matt still can read those words. (I hope so!)

Let me just clear, that I will not push Matt to read if he says no. I let him do what he loves to do, like this.

Yes, he loves to draw and he's drawing daw the Noah's Ark. That's his favorite Bible story :) That's all for today and see you again tomorrow. Uwian time is near, hehe!

Enjoy the rest of Monday and take care everyone!

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