Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Homeschooling: Learning + Fun

Lately, I failed to give an update on our homeschooling journey. Honestly, our homeschooling schedule is not as often as before. My work and online shop get me so busy that I failed to give at least an hour to give way to our homeschooling. But not only that, I realize  I am  getting obsessed with homeschooling Matt. Almost forcing him to write and read. Unintentionally, I put pressure on him to learn fast. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't do that. He's only 3 but he knows so much for his age without proper schooling. He loves to learn at his own will. So I should really be thankful for that.

That's why I never force him now. I let him enjoy his toddler years. He loves puzzles so I buy him more puzzles with McQueen cars design. That makes him so so happy.

He's with his Tito and Ate Jeni (his yaya) up there. They are doing a puzzle challenge with one Cornetto ice cream at stake. Who win? Of course Matt always wins, lol.

Then, I saw his crayons are all putol and upod. That's why yesterday, I bought him a new set of Crayolas. Matt is so happy seeing his new set of colors. He loves to color and so I also printed out McQueen car coloring pages. That's his simple happiness.

Coloring is a good way to practice motor skills. I can see he has a better grip now. He can color details already.

Matt already knows how to count from 1-100 and can recite the alphabet. He first learned these at his own will. When he was just one, I downloaded Youtube educational videos that he regularly watched before he take a nap in the morning. We are surprised one day when he can actually identify letters and numbers. Also, the alphabet, numbers, colors and other educational posters I bought are of big helps too. The curious toddler in him always ask questions so we took advantage over that. The rest is history so to speak =)

And because Matt knows so much except writing that put a pressure in me. Adding up to the pressure is the fact that he will enter the school this June. I know, I shouldn't be bothered since that's what the school should teach him. You know, me the worrier mom, can not help but worry about it. Thank God I realized before it's too late that I am pressuring him more than myself. Yes I am so guilty, he's just 3 and still a baby for me. I stopped and think, and pray. I was enlightened to just take things easy and Matt will learn everything at his own, at his own will. 

To make up with him, I bought these fun wipe and write alphabet and numbers book.

He loves it and writes on until all the pens dried up. From then on, he always bugs me to buy him a whiteboard marker so he can write again. It was only yesterday that I bought him a new one. As expected, the little boy is so happy.

Lesson learned. I have been a mom for 3 years going 4 this year but everyday is a learning process for me. At times, I said I am not pressured or bothered when it comes to Matt's development, but that is just easy said than done. For I cannot avoid those feelings as long as I am a mom. Would that meant forever? Uh, oh!

Anyway, for now I will just let Matt learn and have fun. He will learn everything in time without any pressures from us. I observed that he learns easily when no one dictates him. He's a smart boy and I should learn to trust him so he'll be more confident.

So there you go the not so little update on our homeschooling. I know you have your own stories to share. Just feel free to share yours so we can learn from each other, alrighty?

Have a great day everyone!
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