Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photostory: That Look!

I don't know what's with Matt now but his favorite expression when taking his photo is like this!

What is that look? Can you help me guess?

Anyway, let me share this funny conversation with Matthew.

Matt: Sino ka Mommy?
Mommy: Pag walang po hindi kita kakausapin.

Take two!

Matt: Sino ka po Mommy?
Mommy: Si Mommy.
Matt: Hindi, ikaw si Tita Mommy po.

I was surprised hearing that then one time while watching TV I got a chance to see the "Be Careful with my Heart's" teaser. I heard Sir Chief's kids calling Maya "Tita Mommy." Ayun naman pala, si Maya si Tita Mommy that's why he's telling me I'm Tita Mommy. 

And here's another one converstion.

Matt: Mommy, ano name po ni Daddy?
Mommy: Ano?
Matt: Allan Domencil.
Mommy: Very good, si Mommy.
Matt: Mayette Domencil.
Mommy: Galing! E ikaw?
Matt: Matthew Andrei "Sir Joaquin" Domencil.

At talagang may "Sir Joaquin" pa.

Happy Thursday!
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