Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New Business

If there's something I am so thankful for 2013, it's a better family relationship. If you remember, I have posted something not so good going on within our family (my family side). My brother and I used to be not in good terms because of,  even if it's so shameful to admit, money. I will not go into more details anymore because I want to leave what had happened behind and move forward to a best 2014. 

What's important is that my brother and I had patched our differences and has a much better relationship now. Actually, he lives with us. Thank you very much to my understanding husband, Daddy A. Anyway, enough of the drama because I am happy to share that my brother has become more responsible now and in fact he, together with one of our cousins, ventured into business.

Their poultry supply business opened last Sunday. It's not a huge business but it's sure a stepping stone to something bigger.

And of course, they have the place blessed.

As for luck, coins are thrown everywhere and look who enjoyed picking up coins.

Prior to that, Matt solely pick up the coins they've thrown. Look!

He went home with two pockets full of coins. Then, while I was getting the coins out of his pocket he asked me...

Matt: Mommy, magkano po ang Cornetto.
Mommy: Twenty pesos anak.
Matt: Hindi Mommy, bente lang po.

Hokay! Alam naman pala nya e. Lol!
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