Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do It Yourself: The Souvenir

For Matthew's second birthday, I made a refrigerator magnet as souvenir. Of course, it's still with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

My first idea was to print faces of the Disney characters of the MMC. However, I find it difficult to cut it after it is laminated. So, I searched for a nice design that includes all the Disney characters and I found this:
I just edit the white space and put my own wordings using Photoscape.

Then, print this on a white board paper (A4). Size of each image is 2"x2.79" . I just arranged them so to maximize the paper, like this:

After printing, cut them.


Cut them.

We bought magnets from National Bookstore. These are attached to a button but I find it difficult to glue so Daddy Allan pull them out one by one :)
 I used glue stick to stick the magnet at the back. Just glue one magnet.

That's it simple and easy DIY Ref Magnet.

By the way, we have found out that there's a magnetic paper you can use for ref magnet. But I just think that I still need to laminate it so the design won't fade. If you have a good printer maybe you can try it so you don't need to laminate and then glue a magnet at the back. 

From now on, I will share my DIY ideas. Please share yours too, thanks!
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