Do It Yourself: Mickey Mouse Party Hat

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today I will share with you how to make your own Mickey Mouse Party hat. If you don't have time to make you can buy it at Toy Kingdom at PhP 69.++ for 6 pieces. I find this expensive so I decided to just do it myself.


Cartolina (black, choose the glossy and thick one) - PhP 17.00
Carolina (red) - PhP 8.00
Mickey Mouse head pattern

How to do it:

Print the pattern below and paste in a folder.

Trace this pattern on back side of the black cartolina.

Cut them.

Now, just cut a long rectangle out from the red cartolina.

Glue them together like this and you will have your own Mickey Mouse party hat.

So why buy if you can Do It Yourself?