Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photostory: The Cake

Here's the series of Matthew's Second Birthday post...

Last year, for Matt's first birthday, we had this cake from Red Ribbon:

flavor : Moist chocolate pound cake & cupcakes
icing : Boiled icing
Height with Accessories: 20.2 inches
Riser: 6" dia styro + 12 pcs 2.5" dia cupcakes 
1st layer: 8" dia cake 
2nd layer: 6" dia cake 
3rd layer: 4" dia styro

It's the Sesame Street Elmo & Friends Cake and it comes with 12 SS Smiling Trio cupcakes. The cupcakes in the photo above were not the SS Smiling Trio cupcakes though, here's their photo:
The cake was chewy and chocolaty. More Character Cakes from Red Ribbon here.

For Matt's second birthday, we want a simple cake and since it's a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme we chose this one.

Size: 12 inches diameter

It's the Baby Mickey Cake from Goldilocks. It's a chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate chips and choco cream in between. I like the combination of the color flow icing and it looked like a fondant cake. Matthew screamed "Mickey!" upon seeing the cake. Seeing him really happy and thrilled, that's priceless.

You can view more of Goldilocks Celebration Cakes here.

Happy Wednesday! It's middle of the week already, can't wait for Sunday to come right?
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