Monday, June 25, 2012

Photostory: Matt at Work

Look who is our little visitor...

Last Saturday was Matt's vaccine day. He had his Pneumococcal vaccine that day. We had to go to office still because Daddy had a meeting pa. Since it was a Saturday, I told Daddy why not bring Matt along with us instead of driving back home again.

So we did and at first behave sya. We brought his Mini Tuktuk so he can play and roam around. He did walk around but he had his head hit two times to the corners of the tables. So I just let him sit beside me but he kept on opening the drawer of my table or tapping my PC's keyboard or clicking the mouse. Hehe...Anyway, I was happy because he charmed my colleagues by singing his favorite Syempre and nursery rhymes. His laughter is contagious that everyone is laughing and smiling.

Have you tried bringing your child along with you at the office? I love to hear your story :)

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