Thursday, June 21, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make Me Happy

Hi everyone! It's a start of another busy day for me and I am looking forward for all the blessings today. Have you wonder how could I make it each day, doing multitasking - working as a Chemist, a blogger, online seller (aspiring mompreneur), a wife and a mother. I am not a superwoman, I wish I am. Haha!

I will spill the secret now... I am a happy wife and mother. And what are the things that make me happy, I listed them here:

1. Mornings - Waking up each morning means I have another day to live on and enjoy.

photo source

2. My son's laughter, hugs and kisses - These usually greet us every morning and that's priceless. Matt makes me happy even when he is upset. I love everything about him.

3. My blog - This has been my diary for more than a year now and through this, I am learning more and I have the courage to open and share my personal life and motherhood experiences.

4. My long time friendship - I have few friends but I make sure they are worth to keep.

My three best friends. From left: Allan, Me, Ivy and Dij.

5. Giveaways - I love giveaways, who doesn't?

6. My online shop - It's the start of my new dream and I bet you already know that.

Please visit my shop HERE.

7. Cloth Diaper - Shifting to cloth diaper is one of the motherhood challenges I went through and I never regret making the shift.
8. My Work - I have been a Chemist for almost 9 years and it's a fulfillment of my dream.

Sorry for the messy photo. We had this photo when we were transferring the Lab from Caloocan to Bulacan.

9. My family - A call or text from them can definitely make me happy.

Photo taken during our wedding (07.27.2008)

10. My ever patient husband - He is the last but not the least, I am definitely sure of that. Daddy, I hope you know that by just seeing you around, you already make me happy. You don't need to utter a word to make me smile because my heart always beats faster because of you.

Yes, he is the Chemist Dad!

This is my entry for this week’s BC Bloggers Meme. I just limit them to 10 because the truth is there are so many things that make me happy (#mababawangkaligayahan) and the space will not be enough or you'll get lazy reading through it. 

Oh by the way, if you want to join the blog meme and blog hop, why not join us at BC Blogger. I'll guarantee you will learn a lot from it. Join us HERE.

Can you tell me what are the things that could make you happy? Ready, go!
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