Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photostory: What is A Dad?

This will the 7th year without our father. He is up there watching over us and even if it's almost 7 years now, the pain of losing him too early is still there. I thought the pain will fade through the years but I am surprise it doesn't. As much as possible, I don't talk about it because I always get emotional every time I remember my father.

Okay I'll talk about my father but it will just be brief or it will flood with tears here :) When I was a little girl, I used to be a Daddy's girl but things changed and I don't know how, but it did. The admiration was changed to hatreds. I really don't want to remember that so I will stop here :(

I had one post about my father and you can read it here. Even with all of his imperfections, I love him because he is my Father and no one can ever change that. Lucky you are if you still have your father with you. I just wish he's with us still, for I know he will be very happy and proud seeing me and my family. He will be extra happy too to see my son who they say, looks like him.

Okay enough of the drama now. I would like to share you this:

photo source
Agree or disgaree?

If you still have your father with you, please hug them tight okay?

To all the Daddy, Papa, Dada, Tatay: Happy Father's Day!

And to my dearest husband, this is for you (though I have already posted this here):

By the way, Daddy Allan is blogging too. He is the Chemist Dad! Also, please help them win the Daddy and Me photo contest at Momcenter Philippines. Just click HERE to LIKE the photo and please also like Momcenter Philippines. Thank you so much! Mwaaah!

Again, Happy Father's Day and a Blessed Sunday to all!
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