Monday, June 4, 2012

I Love Sundays: A Tiring Day + Jollibee

Yesterday was really a tiring day for us. After Church, we went straight to San Miguel, Bulacan to fetch something. Daddy Allan needed that badly as part of his pending work. His working even on Sunday? Hey, it's our only day off right?

Anyway, okay it could be a bonding time and Matt just sleep all throughout the rip, joy ride nga. I hope our car is as large as a bus so we could put a bed inside, haha. Immediately after taking what Daddy needs, we proceed to SM Baliwag to buy laminating film. Unfortunately, no laminating film at CD-R King so went to Waltermart Plaridel.

Still, no laminating film at the CD-R King branch there but I told Daddy why not look for it at the Expression Bookstore. At long last, he find them there. We badly need it for Matt's birthday souvenir next week. Yay, it will be next Saturday na pala.

Time flies so fast talaga. Nothing will stop Matt from growing and I don't know if I will like it or not :) By the way, yesterday we passed by a Jollibee store and the Jollibee maskot was there. OMG, Matt ran after Jollibee and he don't stop until Jollibee was in front of him. When Jollibee dance, Matt exclaimed with happiness and dance without hesitations. All the people inside were smiling and looking at my son. But I don't have the camera with me so there's photo of that.

I picked Matt and looked for Daddy. I told him he saw Jollibee inside the stall and he's following him. Daddy said we'll go back there to take some photos. So again, Matt run to Jollibee. Matt jumped and danced at the same time. Jollibee hugged and kissed him. Super happy talaga si Matt!

 Matt dancing with hands up.

Jollibee enjoying Matt's dance as well!

Daddy needed to pick him up so we could leave.

This is just enough to make our day!
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