Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photostory: 5 Simple Rules to Happiness

Good morning everyone!

We only have 2 days and we will say goodbye to June already. We will be entering the second half of the year and time flies so fast, Christmas is just around the corner, hehe.

But I'll look forward to July first because this is our anniversary month. Come July 27, we will be celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary but it is actually our 9th year of being in love. I have learned a lot from my husband and one important thing I learn is to accept things at it is and learn when to give up. I am always a fighter and I don't easily give up. Even I am quiet most of the time, I am thinking of ways how to make things and succeed. However, when I don't get what I want it leads to disappointments making be vulnerable to negative feelings and stress.

I always told my husband "kung gusto may paraan at kung ayaw maraming dahilan" (if there's a will, there's a way). Though it is true, I discovered that we have our own limitations and that if it's not meant to be, it will never happen. After years of living together under one roof, I finally learned to accept things as it is. I don't push myself too much, nor I push him too much because I trust God and we let Him lead our way.

Maybe you are thinking we have a smooth sailing relationship because of the almost 20 years of friendship. Well, different storms had passed by our home, I almost give up one day but I realize giving up will never be a solution. So I choose to fight for him and our love, but I cannot succeed without him working too. I am glad he never give up too. God is really good and He gave us the biggest blessing of our life unexpectedly but just in time.

After two years of being parents to a cute little boy, we learn more and we become selfless. I learn to appreciate little things, I learn to love time and I learn to be happy even with my failure.

Let me share with you this 5 simple rules to be happy...

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I always believe that happiness is a choice, that's what I believe. You can make your own happiness. First, don't carry grudges in your heart because it is like holding a flaming charcoal in your hands, the longer you hold it, the more you get hurt. And what about the people you hate or angry at? They don't know and care about that. They don't feel your pain so why hurt yourself. Free yourself from hatred.

I honestly admit that I am a worrier. Yes I am and I worry about so many things that have yet to happen. But I trust God, so I learn to not worry much. I know God has always a purpose for all the things that happen in our lives and that he doesn't give us a burden we cannot carry. Also, worries doesn't help us in any way and it will just make us a paranoid. Free your mind from worries.

I am a dreamer and there's nothing wrong with that. I used to dream about a rich life when I can sleep all day long without worrying about my future. I am also hoping to win a jackpot from Lotto, though I don't really play it, haha. But then I realize if ever I win a mega million jackpot, that's millions of pesos. Where the hell can I safely store those??? Lol. Just thinking about having millions of pesos, I fear that my life will be complicated so I am just contented with my life now. I love my life, I have a wonderful husband, a cute son, a supportive family, a good work, a nice blog (please agree with me, haha), and an emerging business. What can I ask for? Well, I want a baby girl in the future in God's time. Live simply.

I am the eldest in the family and naturally, I am the one who always give especially when I always have something to share. I always believe that it is better to give than to receive. Okay sometimes, I love receiving too, who doesn't anyway? Lol. Give more.

When I give, I learn to not expect in return. Always give from your heart and don't expect that you will receive something in return. In this way, you don't get depressed right? Too much expectations often lead to disappointments. Just what I have said, learn when you will give up and what is your limitations. Remember that life is an echo, whatever you give, life will give it back to you. Let life do it for you. Expect less.

So that's the 5 simple rules to happiness, I hope somehow it touches your life...

Happy Thursday!
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