Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photostory: Matthew's Second Birthday Invitation

Matthew's second birthday is coming real soon! I have mentioned here and here that the party theme will be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

In every party there should be an invitation and it should be the first thing to do in your list. I will share with you the invitation I already made for Matt's second birthday.

 It's a movie ticket style that will be inserted here...
This will be the holder of the ticket style invitation above.

I made the ticket style invitation using Photoscape. I just downloaded the necessary images from the net. As for the holder, I will just print the Mickey Mouse face pattern and the half red circle then trace it on the black and red cartolina or art paper. Then paste the buttons, either yellow or white. I will then attach the stick so it will look like a lollipop or a fan, whichever you want :)

Together it will look like this...

Do you like it? I hope I can teach you the step by step procedure. I will try to, one of these coming days.

Happy Sunday!

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