Sunday, June 10, 2012

Do It Yourself: The Mickey Mouse Invitation

As promised, I will post the DIY Invitation we made for Matt's second birthday.

For the Holder:

First, this is the Mickey Mouse head pattern:

Print this on a bond paper then paste to a folder or print directly to a folder. The size is 4.5"x5.41".

Trace this pattern in a black cartolina. I chose the glossy cartolina. Trace on the back side.

Cut the trace MM heads.

Now, paste it again on a yellow cartolina for the yellow highlights. Paste the ears first because you will need to insert the stick in between.

Cut them.

For the stick, I just wrapped a barbecue stick with a yellow art paper. Cut yellow art paper like this one:

Wrap them around the stick and insert the stick in between the black and yellow cartolinas. Then, closed it by gluing them together.

I just added embellishment like buttons. Done with the Mickey Mouse Head Holder.

For the Ticket Style Invitation:

I searched for a pattern like this one:

photo source

I used Photoscape and Paint apps to make my own look-a-like of the above.

I actually start from the scratch since I can't edit the pattern above. The colors are different and the wordings as well.

I made this first on a document (Microsoft Office Word).

I hope my explanation below can help you understand how to make one exactly like the one above :)

After this I copied this to Photoescape then to Paint to make a .png image like this:
The circles on the four sides were erased or removed using Paint app.

I used this image as the  background:

photo source

Adjust the opacity to look like this:
Add the embellishments and wordings, and this is all done!

You can download Photoscape and Paint for free. These are much easier to use than the Photoshop, promise ;)

So thats it! How do you find my DIY invitation? You can view the DIY souvenir HERE.
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