Monday, June 18, 2012

You can now use the Disqus Box to comment

Now I know why one of my lovely clients can't comment on my blog. She texted me last Friday night that she wanted to comment on my blog but unfortunately she can't. I told her to use the Disqus. 

Since I am so busy last weekend I don't get to see what's going on with my blog. I was surprised this morning to see that the Disqus box is there but is not working. I remember that last Friday, I received a notification from Disqus for the upgrade to Disqus 2012 and I installed it. I did not noticed that the comment box was disabled for the reason I don't know yet. So I shifted to the old Disqus and I think I have missed comments during those days that the box was off. Sorry for that guys.

Now, you can leave your comments and suggestions under the old Disqus box. Also, if there's someone out there who could guide me to use the Disqus 2012, I will appreciate it that much. Actually, I am not yet back to my own self because of all the stress last week until yesterday, haha. That is why I can't work and think that much :)

Okay, back to work na. Is still raining in your place right now?
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