Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Momaye's Shoppe is Officially Open

Hello guys!

Yesterday was a holiday so we took advantage of that. My husband and I went to work but half day only. We have to finish some work load so we could take a leave for Matt's birthday. Then, we went to Recto to fetch my Alva Cloth Diaper. At long last they arrived!

Of course, I am super excited to get the cloth diaper because I have many reservations already. Shocks, It is not easy as what I thought it was pala. I have to find a trusted courier with a reasonable shipping fee so that my lovely client will not pay more than the product naman. Unfortunately, there's no Xend or Metrowide here in Bulacan so I went to JRS Express and LBC to check their rates.

JRS Express has the following rates:

1 pounder
3 pounder
5 pounder
500 g
1 kg
1.5 kg
2.5 kg

For LBC Express, here's their rates:

Small Pouch
Large Pouch
up to 1 kg
up to 3 kg

So between the two, I prefer the JRS Express since much lower sya and the cloth diaper (with insert) just weighs 110-120 grams and insert weighs 50-55 grams. Also, JRS Express can deliver the package the next day provided its within the cut off time.

Hay, online selling is not an easy work pala. It's also time consuming because I have to repack them pa. But I am enjoying it naman so I am not complaining. 

Aside from fetching the cloth diaper, we went to Divisoria too to buy additional party favors. In fairness, di ganun katao kahapon (not crowded) but unfortunately we can't find the store where we bought the party favors last year, haha. That is why we were contented to buy from the store with pretty much cheaper price too. I forgot to tell you that we almost can walk around Divisoria. We parked the car at Tutuban and from there we walk our way to Divisoria Mall through 168 Mall, then from Divisoria Mall we walk through Tabora until we reached Tutuban again. My feet ached really.

After that, I told Daddy Allan if we could check the store that sells whole sale headbands, ribbons, pony tail/wire etc. But I remember, we don't have our lunch pa pala so we ate at McDonald's first before we went there. OMG, when we went to the wholesale store at the Tutuban Mall, there are many stuffs to buy for my crafts. Super cheap talaga because imagine you can buy 12 pieces of plastic headbands for 30 pesos only and 40 pieces pony wires for just 42 pesos. The plastic headband retails at 10 pesos and the pony wire at 5 pesos. Big savings right? We also went to Anding's to buy a basket ball ring for Matt. We bought one at 82 pesos with board and a small ball already included.

Hey before I say goodbye, I would like to tell you that Momaye's Shoppe is officially open. Please check my facebook page HERE. It's at Multiply too but I am still figuring out how it works. So many things to do talaga but the priority now is Matt's second  birthday.

Okay I have to finish some work pa here. I so want to go home early. How about you? Do you still have the holiday hang over, haha!

Happy Wednesday! 2 more days to go and it's Matt's second birthday, whew!
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