Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Love Sundays: Busy for Matt's Second Birthday

This is a late post due to Smart Bro "technical enhancement" yesterday, that is no internet connection the whole day. Whew!

As usual, we start our Sunday by attending the morning mass. After the mass, we went to Daddy Allan’s Tita to get the vegetables and alamang her Mom has sent. We stayed there until after lunch. Matt loves the duck there and even told us to get them.

Then after chatting with them, we went to Toy Kingdom at SM Marilao to look for balloons and some party favors. We don’t get pictures here because Matthew is trying to reach all the toys he will see. So we had a very quick trip here then to Department store to buy Daddy’s slippers and rubber, as in rubber shoes because it’s rainy season already. I bought mine too J

Here are photos we had. We brought the stroller with us because Matthew is so magaan, hehe. Not good daw to say mabigat according to elders. Also, it is very hard to let him walk by himself because he runs to everywhere. Like in here, he said he wants to walk only to find out he saw Jollibee. I told Daddy to watch over and run after him, haha.

No way can't deny, he loves Jollibee so much.

He asked Dad if he can ride this space shuttle but he's not yet allowed to so sad sya.

Look at what he was holding here. A Mickey Mouse coin bank. He won't let it go when he saw it at Toy Kingdom. Now I wonder who he loves more, Jollibee or Mickey Mouse?

Thank God the door is close because he ran fast towards it.

Both of us got tired so we fasten him on his stroller. Looks like he won't fit with his stroller already :(

Looking on his Knick Knacks. I noticed that he loves color red too because when I let him choose snack to eat, he will choose the red ones.

Mom said smile but he ended up doing all of these make faces. Silly boy really :)

So that's the whole Sunday we had, so tired but so happy. Just few days to go and it will be Matt's second birthday.  The invitations and souvenirs are all done. You can view them here and here. We are currently doing the party designs, banners and party hats. I'll post them too.

Happy Independence Day!
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