Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photostory: The Busy Mommy

Did you missed me? =)

I was on leave yesterday to get new IDs. I just realized I only I have one valid ID that makes it difficult for me to make bank transactions. So we took the day off and go get valid IDs. Since I needed a valid ID immediately, I opted to get a Postal ID. It costs me 300 pesos for a new Postal ID but if I don't have two 2x2 photos with me, I would have paid 350 pesos. What's with it that makes it expensive and to think it will expire after 3 years.

Anyway, I had a very productive day naman. We went to Barangay Hall to get a cedula and barangay clearance as required to get the Postal ID. Then went to Marilao Post Office and headed to Manila. First, we went to a bank then proceeded to pick my my pre-order items. If you think that's the final destination, no we are not yet done. ;)

We went back to SM Marilao to buy Matt's potty cover and we also bought a study lamp. After that we shipped three parcels and went back home.

At home, I still need to check and segregate the pre-order items. Look how messy it was. 

I thought I can still sleep for few hours after coming from a round trip but no I still need to work at home and do some crocheting.

It was a long and tiring day. To end this up, let me share another cute conversation with Matt.

Nanay and I were talking last night. I became emotional while talking to her. Matt who was lying beside me saw that I am crying. He immediately went up.

Matt: Bakit iiyak si Maya? (Why are you crying Maya?...He loves calling me Maya)

I just smile that made him think more and even look at me.

Matt: Wag na iiyak Maya. Sayang ang luha. (Don't cry Maya. You are wasting your tears.)

Nanay and I laughed when we heard that. It was so innocent. He even get his towel to wipe my tears and then hugged me tight. I love this little boy so much. He can easily fill my heart with joy. And I know I will always have a protector in him.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.
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