Monday, July 29, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Do Good Work Today

Good morning everyone!

The weather is gloomy today. Woke up with a heavy rain and I feel so lazy actually. By the way, how's your weekend? 

As you all know, last Saturday was our Wooden anniversary. We just turned 5, but actually we are on our 10th year of love. How was it? All plans were cancelled :( Because one, Daddy needed to report to work on that day and the next day. And second, I just got an allergic reaction from I think the new shampoo I am using. As far as I know, I have no allergies with any food and Idon't eat any new naman. I remember the last time I have allergic reaction was way back when the astringent became uso. And because it's in, I tried one brand and it gave me this kind of skin reaction. From then on, I never tried using any astringent again. So I think this shampoo must go and hopefully the rashes will go away too.

Anyway, even if my weekend doesn't go well, it's not a reason to be not in a good mood today. Though I will admit, I feel really lazy today. Blame it to the weather, hehe... So let's have our Daily Inspiration for today.

Daily Inspirational Quotes

Be positive and stay happy.

Happy Monday!
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