Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Wooden Anniversary

Last Saturday, we have celebrated our wooden anniversary. It's the 5th year of our marriage and the 10th year of our love. Yes, we got married on the same day we discovered we love each other more than a friend.

As usual, we have a simple celebration. I cooked macaroni spaghetti as requested by Daddy Allan. I went home first because he was in Tarlac for an audit and the next day also he needs to be in our plant here in Bulacan. So all plans cancelled. Talking about "good" timing noh?

Going back, I cooked macaroni spaghetti. When the sauce was about to boil, the fire went out. My gulay, we ran out of LPG pa. I get my wallet to see if I have cash. Luckily I have 600 pesos and I borrow 50 pesos from my brother. I told Daddy to call for LPG delivery the soonest. Thank God it arrived fast and have it installed asap.

We all waited for Daddy until almost 8 in the evening. When he parked the car, the little boy went out so happy and delighted. Guess what he get first? I saw him holding a box of cake roll Daddy bought. He kept on saying "I have a Pocoyo cake." Yes, he can't forget his yummy Pocoyo cake.

At long last dinner is ready.

Chooks to Go, Macaroni Spaghetti and Ube Cake from Goldilocks

And looks who's so ready to eat.

"Pocoyo cake! Pocoyo cake!"

Matt: Pocoyo cake! Pocoyo cake!
Mommy: Matt it's not the Pocoyo cake. It's an Ube cake.
Matt: Ube cake! Ube cake!

The whole time we were eating, he kept on looking at the cake and if we are getting from it. Takot maubusan. I think he had 3 slices, aside from the chicken and the macaroni spag, but he still want more.

Matt: Ube cake pa po Mommy.
Mommy: Enough na anak, susuka ka na.
Matt: Hinde pa susuka, ayaw pa susuka Mommy.

Sorry for the word, hehe. But it seems the little boy didn't know when he's already full.

And wait, here's our family photo for that day.

See, Matt's already uneasy here since he wants to eat the cake already. Pardon for our dress too. Hehe.

That's our simple celebration. Hopefully we can go out naman next weekend, for a change.

Keep safe everyone!

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