Friday, July 26, 2013

Daily Inspiration: The Will to Win

Hello everyone!

How's your week? Mine is okay but to be honest, I feel a little exhausted. There's this desire again for a change (just like what I want with my blog). I am bored already with my daily work. I feel that I am not growing here anymore. I want something better and challenging. It's either I will look for a better opportunity or follow what I really love, to be a work at home mom.

It's no secret that since I became a Mom, I wanted to work at home so I can be with my son. I want to own my time. I want to be able to do what I want to do without thinking of work tomorrow. I want to wake up each day happier because all I have to do is to be a mom and a wife. No more follow ups, no more reports, no more meetings, no more stress. BUT I know working at home is not a bed of roses. However, I also have this strong belief that if you love what you are doing then you can surpass everything. In God's time I know. Though I need to make a step, a big step just like when we took the risk to try online selling. If there's a will, I am so sure there will be many ways.

And today, I am so happy to read about Ms. Farida's comment. I happen to read her post "Perks of a Home Worker" and that inspire me. Thank you Ms. Ida for your willingness to share how you are working at home. Like what I have emailed you already, you just don't know how much you inspire me. May God bless you more.

To end this post, here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

Daily Inspirational Quotes

Be positive and stay happy.

Happy Friday!
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