Saturday, July 6, 2013

Homeschooling: Our First Month + Fine Motor Skills Activities

When we decided to homeschool Matt, I know it will not be easy. For I need to shed an hour or two of my time everyday, after work. And that I need a lot of patience in dealing with this hyperactive boy.

We started homeschooling a week before the school year start. Matt was so excited, while I was still doubtful whether it will be the best choice. But as the days and weeks goes by, it became a routine and even Matt won't sleep without at least doing a lesson.

With homeschooling, I got a chance to take a closer look at Matt's learning behavior. At first, I want to follow a certain curriculum as a guide. But then since Matt already knows what that curriculum could teach him, I feel that if we continue following it Matt will get bored.

So, I observe Matt well. I note all the things that interest him. I notice he loves to color but he doesn't want to color a big image. He loves to trace too. And so I let him do what he loves doing so as to encourage him to learn more.

Matt loves to sing too. Now he will sing the alphabet phonics song and replace the objects with those printed on the chart. Sometimes he's making fun of it too.

Matt: A is for Apple, A-a Apple, B- is for Blocks, Ba-ba Blocks.... 

then when it comes to S sound...

Matt: S is for Sapatos... Sss- Sapatos...

So he replace shoes with sapatos. So kulit.

Now, I am slowly introducing the Reading Lesson. We are on lesson one. Last night I was so happy when he get to read "at", "sat", "cat" and "cot". I am the proudest!

Also, I am giving him activities, aside from tracing and coloring, that will help develop his fine motor skills .

Like Cutting.


I bought him a security scissor that he can use to cut papers. It has no blades so his little fingers are fafe. But even if it won't cut his fingers, guidance is still a must.

Next is Dot to Dot.

Dot to Dot
I printed out the Geoboard Dot Paper from Math Their Way. Matt enjoys this activity too especially using his colored pens.

Another one is Play Dough.

Play Dough
I let him play with a non-toxic clay. I encourage him to imagine and make different objects out of the clay. Like making his own camera or making mickey mouse.

And the last one is Sewing/Lacing Card.

Sewing/Lacing Card
I just cut a square from a used folder then I punched holes on the perimeter. For the string/lace, I used my crochet yarn then a plastic needle. Again, parental guidance is a must.

I also let him tear and crumple scratch papers. There many other activities to help develop fine motor skills. I have yet to try them and I need to buy materials.

So that's how our first month of homeschooling went. I will post about our reading lesson soon. Much better if I can take videos noh? I will try.

Enjoy your weekends everyone.
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