Friday, July 19, 2013

Matt, the Butterfly and the Ducks

Weekend is almost here!

Last Saturday, Matt and Daddy went out for an afternoon walk. Dad of course brought his camera and so expect photo bombing in a few seconds...

Here's my little boy ready for the walk.

My Little Matthew Andrei
Look what he saw...

Matt with the ducks

Actually he called them "Pato", and you know why. He then walked closer to the ducks, as if he's apt for something.

Slowly, he tried to walk a little closer. Slowly...

Then boom, Matt chasing the ducks!!!

Matt chasing the ducks

See the poor ducks hiding behind the grass?

And because he drove away the ducks, Matt found something new to play with.

Matt with the butterflies

There are butterflies actually as per Daddy. But since he tried to touch them, they flew away. And so here's my poor but cute little boy, left alone.

He went back home with a happy smile. Kids really need a time to play outside the comfort of our home. But for their safety, don't let them play alone outside. They should always be accompanied by an adult to avoid untoward and horrible incidents.

Let me end this with this cute photo.

My cutie little Matthew Andrei

Happy weekend!

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