Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Homeschooling: "Matthew" + Coloring

Hello Momsies!

It's midweek already and it's payday Wednesday! Un lang, there's a typhoon pala. Daddy was joking about it earlier.

He's in Tarlac now for another audit so I have no choice but to commute should he can't go back early this afternoon. I hope the rain will stop na.

On the brighter side naman, let me share with you Matt's works.

This is the first time Matt write his name. I told him to write the letters and even if it's not yet perfect still I am the proudest. And wait, here's another one.

He needs more practice though but it's good to know he knows the boundaries already. 

From day 1 to now, I think Matt improves a lot. He almost mastered the tracing part and he has a better grip now. Un lang he do what he wants to do and he doesn't want anyone to interfere with what he is doing unless he say so.

Matt: Wag na co-color si Mommy. Ayaw na co-color si Mommy.

That's what he said when I teach him what to do.

Mommy: Tinuturuan nga kita anak e. Ganito o...

Matt burst to tears this time while saying.

Matt: Ayaw na tuturuan ni Mommy! Ayaw na!

Hay... O ayan, he seems to know more than me now. I just fear that when he enter the school he might have this same reaction. He used to love being helped but now it's another way around. How can I make him understand that teachers are there to teach and help him. I hope in the coming months Matt will be more mature because that's our big problem with him. He's still a cry baby. I want to hear your thoughts please.

Be safe everyone!
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