Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Photostory: Mommy Ganda + I Love McDo

Look who's happy munching on Mcdonald's burger and fries.

And here's the kwento. Mommy Ganda (Ms. Glenda of  My Daily Journal) promise a burger and fries treat to Matt on his birthday. Then yesterday, she gave us the money to buy Matt's Mcdo burger and fries. We put the burger and fries nside the thermal lunch bag and let him open it. When I told him there's something inside, the little boy was giggling already. He was so excited to open and when he did, he exclaimed "Wow McDonald's, parapapa.." We all laughed upon hearing that. Actually, he didn't know what he will take out first, the fries or the burger. Hehe..

He immediately munched on the fries. At first, he will give us fries. What's funny is that he will bite a little and then he will make subo that to each one of us. Then when he saw there's only few fries left, he told us this...

Mommy: Penge ako anak.
Matt: Ayaw mo na kakain Mommy? Di ka na kakain.

Haha... He declared already that I will not eat his fries.

Later when we get home, I am so sure he will assume there's a pasalubong for him. So this morning, I got a pack of Goya Bits in our fridge and put inside the bag. Whew!

Keep safe, it's raining again.
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