Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photostory: Missing my Little One

Hello guys!

It was a busy and tiring day for me. Just got back from a meeting. I am not really used to commuting especially in Metro. It was freaking hot plus the long walks. Anyway, I am thankful I survived the day. Just waiting for the time to go home. Whew!

I don't know why I am always missing Matt even everyday we are seeing each other, doing things together like eating, toothbrushing, reading, coloring, crocheting, sleeping... I always feel it everytime I see his photo, just like this one.

I took this photo while he was watching the old kids playing in front of our house. He was actually screaming as if he's kasali sya sa laro. Medyo naawa naman ako so I let him go out. Oh my, he's like a horse who keep on running back and forth. I fear that he might fall down and bang his head. Kaloka! 

So in no time I took him inside the house. After a while, his Tita ask him to accompany her to buy something from the store. Of course, Matt was so happy to go out and he went back really sweating.

I know playing is important for his development. So I let him go out and play, un lang he loves running e. Especially when you run after him, lalo pa tatakbo. So what his Tita is doing is they just stroll around and chit chat with our neighbors. 

Hay few more minutes and we will be going home. Let me end this with a cute hirit of Matt...

Matt looking at the front cover of his ABC book. Pointing to each letter and corresponding photos.

Matt: A -  Apple, B - Ball, C - Clock, D - Pato...
Mommy: Ano anak? Pato?
Matt: Si Pato si duck mommy.
Mommy: Ngek...

Pato is the duck's name in Pocoyo. I told him it should be duck as in D for duck, then he replied with.

Matt: Hinde. Si Pato yan.


Keep safe :)
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