Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Day I Say I Do (5 years ago)

I woke up today still feeling tired and exhausted, but with a happy heart. 

Today is a special day so I should start the day right. And so I position myself on the bed and do my rounds of sit ups. As I am close to finishing the first round, I heard someone is giggling and imitating what I am doing. So I turn to my side and see this cute little boy with the cutest smile. I tell you, you can't resist his charm and so I gave him a million kisses.

I continued what I am doing with the little boy beside me copying all my moves while laughing and squealing. I love his laughter, it's so true and genuine. He is just a little boy but he mean the world to me, to his Daddy. He is our true happiness and the biggest blessing so to speak. We may not experience this happiness if not 5 years ago or 10 years ago...

Today is the day I say I do to the man who is my best friend. Words are not enough to say how grateful I am for having you as my partner in life. Storms will come and go into our lives. What is important is what the storm will leave us. Remember the day we almost give up? That's the day I discover how much I love you and that I can do anything for you. And looking back, everything is truly worth fighting for us.

Let's keep on fighting for our love. I love you 10 years, 5 years ago until eternity. May God continue to bless us and let Him be the center of our love.

Happy Wooden Anniversary Mahal! Just 45 years to go and that Wood will turn to Gold =)
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