Friday, July 5, 2013

My Perfectly Imperfect Life

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A post by my favorite mommy blogger, Ms. Frances of Topaz Horizon, inspire me to write about my perfectly imperfect life.

I write mostly about positive things. I write about our happy moments. I write about how blessed I am to have a wonderful husband, an adorable son, a great job, a blooming business and so on. I hardly write about negative thoughts nor happenings here in my blog. (unless I cannot control my emotions)

My goal is to inspire people. I am not actually after admiration only inspiration. My life is never perfect. My mornings are not always good. I am not always feeling happy but I always choose to be happy.

I will admit it's not always blessings that come our way but I try to look at misfortunes, trials and problems are another form of blessings. For in this times of difficulties, I can feel more the presence of God and the love of people who are dear to me. In times of struggles that I can feel how strong I am. I chose to be grateful in everything that comes in my life.

I am blessed beyond reasonable doubt.
I am an imperfect daughter and sister. once write about my father and my mother, and the misunderstandings that bound our family. I grew up in a family that is not rich nor poor. My siblings and I are never that close. I will admit I envy those siblings who are really close. I envy those who have a family showing so much love. I am envious sometimes but I chose to hide it and promise to make my own family a better one. I chose to understand what's been happening because whether I admit it or not, my family made me who I am today.

I am an imperfect wife. There are times I am becoming careless with the words I am saying. I know there are so many times that I have hurt my husband's feeling. And I always regret those times I easily lose my patience. Our marriage is never perfect too and in fact had reached a point when both of us were about to give up, if only God did not intervene.

I am an imperfect mother. I am not that sure if I can raise my son well to be a good man. I just do my best to teach and love him.

Lastly, I don't have a perfect job. I thought before I have the job I want but then everything just change when I became a mother. So I just keep on praying. God is good to show me how to utilize my passion and so Momaye's Shoppe was born.

See, my life isn't perfect. It has so many flaws. But my life is what God has given to me. So I must love and embrace it. Though this blog of mine, I can write freely. I write my thoughts and sometimes my feelings. There are times I don't what to write anything. But you will never know that. Because I chose not to dwell with the negative sides of my life.  It's not I am in denial because like what I have said, in those difficult times I became the strongest. But just like what Ms. Frances said, "it's only the good things that you need to know, dear reader. That's all you need to know."

I choose to be positive, grateful and happy. Because for me, I am blessed beyond reasonable doubt. That's it!

You can share your perfectly imperfect life too.

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