Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Our Real Blessings

Good morning again!

It's so early in the morning yet I almost lost my patience. LBC is giving me a hard time with a parcel of my client. It was actually shipped via Xend and since it's provincial, they transferred it to LBC. LBC received it on July 15 and up to now it was not yet delivered to my client. The status said the consignee is unknown as per tanod. My gulay, there's a contact number naman just in case plus there's a complete address. One more thing, my client is receiving his other orders/parcel via LBC too. What went wrong? Oh well, as per LBC they will try to deliver it today. Hopefully, hopefully talaga my client will receive it today. Otherwise, I will really get mad na at LBC. 

Breather in and out! Too early to rant no? Ganda pa naman sikat ng araw today. Sorry I really can't help because I know I do my best to serve my client but the courier failed me. Hay... I know this is part of business so I must be used to it.

Anyway, good vibes naman tayo. Enough of ranting, hehe. Let's have our Daily Inspiration for today.

Daily Inspirational Quotes

No more negativity, be positive and stay happy!

Happy Thursday!
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