Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello Monday + Positive Vibes!

Hello Momsies! How's your weekend? Ours was stressful because of typhoon Santi. It had hit Central Luzon particularly Nueva Ecija, Bulacan and Tarlac. 

It was Friday night when Nueva Ecija and Bulacan also were placed at Signal No. 3 warning. The wind was blowing hard and so was the rain. We slept earlier and prayed that the storm will stop soon. I woke up at around 11 in the evening with no electricity. The wind and rain was still blowing and pouring hard. Saturday morning, I opened the PAG-ASA website and the signal warning was done to 1 in Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. Thank God and we went to work.

Then my brother texted me that he was stranded in San Miguel Bulacan on his way home to Nueva Ecija. He stayed on the road along with other motorists. I told him why not go back na lang but he said mas malalim pa daw un baha pabalik. And it's true because in San Ildefonso ganito ang baha.


Actually, we just knew about Santi's aftermath  when we watched the news last Saturday. I wasn't feeling well that night and that made me feel worst. I haven't contacted my youngest sister since Friday and I hope they are doing fine. My in-laws are okay, though there's no electricity in entire Nueva Ecija since Friday. 

Typhoon Santi had left so much destruction. A lot of people are affected. Crops near harvest are damaged. Homes washed out by flood and wind. It was heartbreaking to watch the news. But I know the Filipino spirit is alive and will never be down with such calamity. 

Villa Gonzaga, Santiago City, Isabela, Typhoon Odette, Manila Bulletin

Despite of this, let's all be positive and pray for all the people who are affected by the storm. Let us all pray that the new typhoon Tino will be kinder or will just leave our country untouched. Amen!

Have a great week everyone!
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