Friday, October 11, 2013

Homeschooling: Reading Lesson Four + Crayolas

Hello Momsies! Just giving you a little update about our homeschooling journey. I bought a cars coloring book with stickers for just 10 pesos and Matt really loves it.

The little boy immediately do the coloring. Last Monday, we went to SM Marilao to pay our water bill and  I promise to buy him a new set of crayons. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and I told him I will just buy the next day. Yay, I forgot to buy again and I thought he already forget my promise but I was wrong.

While I was sitting and crocheting, Matt confronted me.

Matt: Mommy, nikalimutan mo po bumili ng pang-kulay?

I was speechless. Then I told him I will really buy him the next day. He then replied...

Matt: Wag kakalimutan bumili pang-kulay ni McQueen ha.

Opo anak... Haha... So I bought him not just a new set of crayons (Crayola My First Crayons for 40 pesos) but also a set of color pen (21.75 pesos) and a writing book (20 pesos only)

Crayola My First Crayons, color pen and a writing book

Matt played with his chubby Crayolas. 

Here's our messy table while Mommy is multitasking - crocheting and teaching.

Can you spot our Reading Lesson material above? Yes, we are currently in Lesson Four. It's getting more challenging as the level gets higher.

But Matt is amazingly a fast learner. He can now read a four-letter word! #proudmom

That's it!

Have great day everyone!

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