Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photostory: Garfield Boy

Momsies with boys, how do you usually dress your little one? In my case kasi, Matt usually wears t-shirt/polo shirt and shorts/pants when we go out, and sando and shorts when at home. 

They said when you have a boy it's much easier to dress him up. Yes, because like what I have said a shirt and a shorts/pants will do. But the difficulty comes when buying clothes na because of the limited designs and the much higher price. Thank God, most of Matt's clothes are gift. I really don't need to buy him clothes. At his age kasi when he's growing so fast, it's not practical to hoard many clothes. Agree Momsies? Same is true with the little girls, but since there are many cheaper and cute baby/little girls clothes pwede na din maghoard.

As I have said, most of Matt's clothes are gifts. Since he stayed at home lang and it's only once a week when he goes out with us, most of his panlakad clothes still look new. I just notice lang na Matt has many Garfield clothes pala.  Look at this pair of Garfield polo shirt and maong shorts that we bought for his first birthday.
Matt @1 wearing Garfield polo and maong

He's just small pa so the maong shorts looks pants because we got the age 3 size para masulit. He can still wear both of them now but medyo masikip lang na konti. Here's another gift from our Ninong.

Matt @2 wearing Garfield t-shirt and shorts

Matt looks good wearing yellow, I must say =) Here's another Garfield t-shirt gift he received on his 3rd birthday.

Matt @3 wearing Garfield t-shirt

And here's another Garfield t-shirt gift (yes, gift ulit). It has a pair of shorts actually. But it's bitin na already that's why he wears only the shirt.

Matt @3 wearing Garfield t-shirt

I am not particular about brands. As long a the clothes fits Matt perfectly and comfortably, I'll buy it for sure. But for now, I am not buying that much clothes for him. Maybe next year when he starts attending school already. At least, he will wear panlakad clothes. But oh, he will be in uniform pala. 

That it Momsies! How do you dress up your little ones? I would love to know =)

Have a great day ahead and take care everyone!

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