Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Losing Weight Woes

I have already told you that I have started doing a workout exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. I am also into a little weight lifting (dumbbell workout). This time I am very determined to lose weight and be healthy. Want to know why? If Daddy Allan lost about 3 kilos of his body weight from his recent APE result, well I am so ashamed to announce that I gained over 3 kilos. Yeah, 3 kilos over a year and that makes me over... Oh, I prefer not to write it unless I have lost it already. Soon, I promise!

fruit and vegetables on scale

And so what really went wrong? For the last two months, I have already cut down my calorie intake. I don't eat rice that much, only in breakfast and no rice at lunch. But, when at night I am always tempted to eat rice. I do research and I found out that my drastic change to cut down calories and food intake is wrong as it only slow down my metabolism. I should not make that change so fast. Instead, I should eat still as much as I do but I need to replace that amount of food I eat with something healthy food like steamed meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. I confess, there are times I skip lunch. Yeah, I know that's not right, but in my attempt to lose weight so quick I have done that. So I am little frustrated right now.

Anyway, a friend recommends a diet she used to lose about 7 kilos. It was a gradual lost, she claimed. here it goes, for breakfast, I can eat 2 boiled eggs and a glass of grapefruit juice. For lunch, I can have 1 egg and two slices of bacon and a glass of grapefruit juice. And for dinner, steamed fish and any vegetable or fruit salad, and again a glass of grapefruit juice. She said it's a no rice diet given to person with hypertension and diabetes. have you notice that every meal includes a glass of grapefruit? Grapefruit is a good fat burner that's why. It has bitter taste though.

She also said there are food and fruits that should not be taken also. I am just a little worried about not taking enough minerals and vitamins if I skip some foods. Fortunately, there are mineral supplements like amygdalin I can take just in case. But I have yet to try that diet and I am still studying if this will work for me. 

Just to add, I have read a study that those working people who just sit all throughout the day are more prone to heart attack. That scares me to the bones because I am one of those. So I really need to lose weight and be active. Any healthy diet, workout and other suggestions are mostly welcome =)
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