Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He's a Baby No More

Yes Holiday!!!

Would you believe I am blogging from home? Usually kasi talaga I am blogging from work during break time or early in the morning before I start doing my work. It's so rare that I write from home kasi natatamad ako gumamit ng laptop. Hehe...

Anyways, holiday pero maaga pa din kami nagising. Daddy Allan hurriedly woke up because of the alarm then biglang higa. Sabi nya wala pala pasok, hehe. Ayun he's doing his morning exercise. Ako naman eto updating my blog, hehe... Medyo hinay-hinay muna ako sa workout since I got sick last Saturday. Namalengke kasi kami nun Friday e it was raining ayun siguro halo halo na. Thankfully, I recovered quickly because of the yakap-sule and kiss-pirin from Daddy and Matt.

Looking for Matt? He's still sleeping. I am so sure nag-iipon sya ng energy para mangulit all day. and just want to share his recent photos taken by Daddy Allan and edited my me =)

Matt and the swing
He got a new haircut and talagang pahirapan yan lagi. This boy is growing so fast no. Ang laki na nya. Dati he was just a baby, ngayon malapit na magbinata. Yay! It maybe because of his milk baby formula that he grows so fast. Speaking of milk formula, if you arent sure what to buy, check out Kokopax.com to find some quality baby formula.

He's a baby no more
Sabi nila madami daw syang papaiyaking girls paglaki. Naku wag naman sana... Hehe...

O sya Momsies, gotta go...

Have a great day!

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