Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Happiness

Life is never perfect. But I believe life is good...

The other night, I was thinking of closing this blog and just change it to a pure craft site. No more personal posts about my life, my family. It will be more of crafts, crochet and our little business.

The next day I open this blog and browse through the post I wrote. A big part of me is arguing to my idea last night. Why do I need to change this blog? The posts I write my not be too interesting for most of you. It may bore you sometimes. I don't posts much about fashion, make ups and the likes because I have knowing about them. I don't write about places we went because in the first place, I have never been to many places and I am a homebody. But that will not make me less of what I am because this is just me. I post what my heart tells me with no pretensions. 

And so today, I have decided to renew my blog's domain under the same name. I will keep Momaye's Diary. My first ever nook. I will keep on sharing a part of my life. I will keep on sharing my not so exciting life. I will keep on sharing my passion for crafts, for crocheting. I will keep on sharing my homeschooling journey. And I will keep on sharing my happiness, my family....

My Happiness

I have an imperfect family. But I love them perfectly and I will do everything to keep my family.

Lastly, I know I am far from being a good blogger. I am not good in story telling either. Sorry, I am just being true and being me. I hope you will stay with me and give time to read my not so exciting life. I hope I can help you in any small way I can.

Happy weekend everyone!
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