Friday, October 25, 2013

The 10 Commandments of a Happy Marriage: 1. Prioritize Your Spouse First

When I became a mother, I have to admit that my world revolves around my son. What I am always concern about is his goodness and well-being. I work hard and be a good mom for him. In short, I prioritize my son over everything, next to God.

Like most new parents, when we became a mother or a father, we are overjoyed with the presence of a new being. A beautiful child will always make us happy right? We always say that they can easily take our stress away. We tend to make our world revolve around them. But what about our marriage? Did you know that when we prioritize our children over marriage, we are hurting both your marriage and your children? I didn't know that. My intention is all good, that is to become the best mother but I didn't know that because I always aim to become the best mother, I am forgetting that I need to be a wife too.

What I forgot about is before I became a mother, I am a wife first. And yes, I have neglected my husband most of the times. Unconsciously, he became my last priority. I took for granted that he is my husband. I became so comfortable with the idea that he will always understand me because he loves me and he is my best friend. Only to realize that this man I have known for so many years is slowly becoming a stranger to me. That we didn't notice that we are slowly drifting apart. A sad truth but it's true.

As I always believe, there's no perfect marriage. Trials will always test the relationship. What is important is for us to be reminded that to have a happy marriage, we must know our priorities. And that we must prioritize our spouse first over everything in the family. Next to God, we must let our spouse feel that he is love and appreciated. Many may argue with this idea but come to think of it. Our children are our gift from God. They are given to us for us to love and raise them to become a good person. Eventually, they will leave us. They will find their own partner in life, they will have their own family. But our spouse will be there until the very end, that is if we know how to make them stay in our lives.

Until know I couldn't believe that all the while I thought I am doing my job as a mother and a wife. I am still in denial of the truth that I am almost losing my husband. But thank God I was reminded earlier. Thank God he showed us the value of each self. To make each other feel more important and loved. To have some time alone. To chat and laugh again. To dream together again.

With that let me leave you the first of the 10 Commandments of a Happy Marriage. Violating this first rule may be the reason why many marriages, even of how many years, failed and end.


And Momshies, I would love to know your views about who you should prioritize first, next to God, your husband or your children.

Happy Friday!

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