Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homeschooling: Write and Wipe

Hi Momsies! Uy October 1 na, ang bilis no. How many days na lang it's Christmas na! Excited much lang po, hehe. Anyway, we have a new yaya na. She's young but my mother in law said that she's sanay na and I'm praying that she'll stay long with us. She's shy pa but I know eventually she will get used to us din. But in case she will not stay that long, Daddy and I already talked and discussed about our plan B. That I will tell you soon but like what I have said we are hopeful that she'll stay longer with us. Mabait naman kami e =)

Now, let me talk about our homeschooling. This will be just a once a week update. Last week, I have told you that our homeschooling activity includes both writing and reading. I have printed out writing sheets and that's what my son is doing to practice writing. However, writing on many sheets make bores him. But good thing one of his Ninong gave him this write and wipe activity books.

write and wipe activity book

We just bought a white marker pen and an eraser. Matt loves it!

Matt writing A's

He did it all by his self. He really like using that pen. But Momsies, if you will buy a pen for your kids just make sure it is non-toxic. Also, teach your kids to always put on the cap when they are not using it so the ink will not dry up easily. Most of all, don't leave them while using it to prevent untoward incidents. 

That's for now. If you have any great activities for kids to share, I would love to read them. Share share lang pag may time, alrighty?

Be positive and stay happy. Have a great day everyone!
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