Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photostory: He Loves Cars

Matt loves Cars

He loves cars. It is not obvious no? Hehe. Kakagising nya lang dyan. He grab all his cars and put them all on the sofa. He stared at his collections for a while and then played with them. He's so addicted with his cars and even asked me if he can bring them all when he sleeps. But I told him he can only bring one. 

Now when we go to the mall, the first thing he would look for is toy car. He would look for McQueen look-a-like. One time when we have finished buying our grocery list he held and pulled my hands toward the toy section. Ayun pala nakakita sya ng McQueen look-a-like. Naku he grabbed the box na and insisted we'll pay for it but I told him we will ask money first from his Daddy, he agreed. So when he saw his Daddy guess what he said.

Matt: Daddy asan na un pera.
Daddy: Bakit ano gagawin mo?
Matt: Bibilin ko po si McQueen.

Daddy said no since he has so many cars already and sometimes he just tear them apart. But do you think it's easy. The boy really got disappointed. I explained to him that he has so many cars and if we buy a new one, we will hide all the other cars. That made him stop from bugging us. I also told him we have a big McQueen car, which is his Daddy's car. So when we got to the parking area, he's so happy to see our red car.

Matt: Mommy, ayun pala si McQueen o.
Mommy: I told you so anak.

The end... 

Keep safe everyone!

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