Monday, October 21, 2013

SM Sale Loot

Hello Momsies! How's your weekend? Ang daming sale ano? Which means Christmas is fast approaching na.

You know what after so many mall sales that we have let passed, we finally went to SM Marilao mall-wide sale last Saturday. Actually the sale started last Friday pa and until yesterday. Supposedly we will go on Sunday but I told Daddy for sure super dami na ng tao by that day and pahirapan na ang parking plus traffic pa. So last Saturday off we went.

To make our life easier at the mall, we brought Matt's umbrella stroller.

O di ba? We are saved from running after this cute and energetic kiddo. But still we can't keep him quiet and behaved while sitting on his stroller. Aba, nang-aabot pa ng mga girls. At legs pa inaabot sabay ngingitian nya ng pagkatamis-tamis ang girl. Future chickboy talaga.

Anyway, alam nyo ba un feeling na di alam ang bibilhin dahil sa dami ng sale at ng tao. Ayun ganun na ganun kami ni Daddy Allan. We just bought what we really need. And we can now hold back our desired to shop impulsively. That's even we can afford to shop, we didn't and just bought what we really need saka un naka-sale talaga ng bongga. Haha. So here's our SM sale loot for less than 1000 pesos only.

SM sale loot

Yes, less than 1000 pesos lang lahat yan. Daddy bought that pair of comfy sneakers for 299.75 pesos, 2 for 499.75 pesos pa yan ha. But he bought one lang and next time na daw ulit. Also, we bought Matt's Cuddles Dental Flosser (50 pieces) for 42.00 pesos only and 2 1-L bottle of Glam Works Body Wash for only 179 pesos.

I also bought MyChoice Anti-aging Carrot soap for 65 pesos each, but I bought two for 97.50 only. Less 50% on the second bar kasi.

MyChoice Anti-aging Carrot soap

I have been using this soap for more than two months already. And so far so good naman sya and di mabilis matunaw =)

This is another good buy mga Momsies.

Drinking bottles by Familia

Would you believe this is just 75 pesos for the two bottles na? Yup, napakamura aside from it's from Familia.

And because Matt loves cars, we bought this Lightning McQueen's starter set by Melaware for 179.77 pesos (10% off, original price is 199.75).

Lightning McQueen's starter set

You can just imagine how happy Matt is. I want to buy a big bag but I cannot concentrate hearing the voice of Matt. Naiinip na. That's why sabi ko kay Daddy Allan, next time kami na lang munang dalawa para we can roam around freely.

So that's our weekend sale loot. Have you also went to a sale this weekend?

Have great week ahead!
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